Alpha Energy Perth: Our Review and Results

Alpha Energy.

Suitable for fine, weak, damaged and stressed hair

For anyone who wants to promote new hair growth, and irritated scalps.

Treat your hair to the strengthening properties of System Professional Alpha Energy, a hair and scalp energiser that works to refresh and moisturise the hair and scalp.

Formulated after five years’ research, the invigorating treatment targets the hair, scalp, and fiber and texture to promote visibly fuller-looking hair with improved manageability. Combining a powerful EnergyCodeTM Complex with a proven and effective formula, the solution expertly enhances hair strength and scalp condition; it boosts hair’s resilience and the inner energy of strands, whilst cooling the scalp, strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier and calming irritation.




Effects on hair

After 1 usage: Strong hair with better manageability, that’s full of bounce.

After 2 weeks: Significantly more energy and strength from within. Hair is easier to manage and stays in shape for longer.

After 3 months /1 Bottle: The inner energy of the hair is restored. Hair feels responsive, healthy, and strong. Hair structure damage is reduced.


Effects on scalp

After 1 usage: A gentle cooling and soothing effect. Improved nutrient flow to the root of the hair.

After 2 weeks: The hydro-lipid barrier is strengthened, the scalp feels more moisturised and irritations are visibly reduced.

After 3 months /1 Bottle: The hair and scalp feel restructured, restored, and healthy.


Use after every wash. Apply and massage to roots, work through lengths and style as usual.

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