Our Hairdressing Awards and Achievements


2004-IHS Avante Guard

2004-IHS Juniour Mens cutting

2004-IHS Bridal Hair

2004-Loreal ColourTrophy Finalist

2005-IHS Ladies cutting

2005-IHS Senior Mens cutting

2005-IHS Bridal Hair

2005-Loreal Colour Trophy Finalists

2006-IHS Ladies cutting

2006-IHS Bridal Hair

2006-Loreal Colour Trophy Finalists

2007-Wella Trend Vision Awards Finalists

2007-Telstra business Awards Nomination

2008-Wella Trend Vision Finalists

2008-Belmont Bussiness awards Nomination

2009-Wella Trend Vision Finalists

2009-Telstra business Awards Nomination

2010-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2011-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2011-IHS-Bridal Hair

2012-Telstra business Awards Nomination

2014-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2015-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2016-IHS Bridal Boho Bride

2016-IHS Session Stylist

2016-IHS-Senior All Over colour

2016-Telstra Business Awards Finalist

2016-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2017-Telstra Bussiness Awards Nomination

2017-Wa-NT Hairdresser of the year Finalist

2017-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2018 -Wa-NT Hairdresser of the year Finalist

2018-Wella Trend Vision Finalist

2018-AHIA WA Salon Of The Year Finalists

2018-IHS mens cutting award

2018-IHS Ladies Cutting

2018-IHS Session Stylist

2018-Belmont Business Awards Nomination

2019-Finalist AHIA WA NT Salon of the Year

2019-Finalist AHFA WA NT Hairdresser of the Year

2019-Winner Hair Expo Awards WA NT Hairdresser of the Year

2019-Winner Matrix Collective

2019-Top Finalist in Wella Trend Vision

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