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The preferred choice among salon professionals MAKARIZO REBONDING SYSTEM is an innovative product to straighten hair more naturally and healthily. MAKARIZO REBONDING SYSTEM is the world’s first 100% Ammonia free product, complete with Sunflower Ceramide, Protein, and added vitamins.

MAKARIZO REBONDING SYSTEM with Sunflower Ceramide repairs hair and helps it to recover a smooth and brilliant surface. Hair has a healthy look and keeps its natural shine. The Sunflower Ceramide moisturizes the hair throughout the process, keeping the hair flatter and smoother for a longer period, without any brittleness.

Starting from $380-$620 depending on length and thickness

Perth Hair Straightening.


e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair is a professional in salon hair smoothing system that combines science and organic ingredients to create hair that is smooth and easy to manage. The inclusion of wild crafted organic ingredients, amino acids, ceramides and hyaluronic acid help to give strength, shine and hydration resulting in frizz free hair that is easy to manage.

e-smooth will remove frizz, leaving you with softness, shine and strengthening it with the best organic ingredients. e-smooth is perfect for all hair types that desire soft silky easy to manage result.

Try e-smooth and have the results you’ve always wanted. Our treatments are performed by professionals in salons.

Put yourself in the hands of your best stylist and ask them to pamper you with e-smooth Organic Solutions.

  • With wild-crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts
  • Natural ingredients including fruit extracts, Tamarind, Apple, Sugar Cane Milk with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides for added moisture
  • O% Formaldyhde, Formol Releasers, Carboncysteine, Parabens and all nasties
  • A unique blend of 3 organic acids to create smooth, manageable, hydrated hair
  • 1 formula and strength, also available with violet pigment
  • Smoothing shampoo that will straighten/smooth hair in JUST ONE STEP
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* Please note these prices are base prices and are subject to change based on your specific needs

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