The Top 3 Things To Consider Before Taking Your Blonde To Brown

Top 3 Blonde to Brown Considerations.

There are a few things you need to know from choosing the right brown, proper home care maintenance, dealing with fade. It’s not easy but with these tips below this will help you with your decision to move to the “dark side”.

Cost, maintenance and how often you like to change your colour should also be kept in mind when making the decision to change, it’s not an easy step to lighten the dark back out. If you change your colour often, perhaps look into lowlights instead.


#1: Embrace your inner warmth


Blondes going darker need to embrace their inner warmer tones, think back to the time when you decided to go blonde; we had to remove the red, gold and copper pigment from your hair which created blonde. We now have to return this pigment to support your brown and prevent a khaki ashy mediocre brown.


#2 It’s a process


Wanting the colour to be the exact shade from roots to ends? Please consider the porosity of your hair, if your hair is quite damaged from years of blonding, it can be quite difficult to achieve in one service. (You can have more than 1 colour service per sitting)

There are three stages to achieve a brunette the hair must be filled, and then a double application of the desired brown will help with fading issues. Each service will take up to 30 minutes per application + basin time, safe to say you may need a packed lunch and chances are, you’ll have to book in another appointment with us to retouch and regloss to be sure your brown has staying power.


#3 Your hair health is key


Fading is unavoidable, every hair colour on every human fades including our god-given natural locks. It can also fade due to poor hair colouring, washing your hair every day, by not using the right hair care and treatments as well as using heat like irons and hairdryers every day.

If your hair is dry, it will be more prone to fading. You will need to rebook back in with your stylist for a second round of glossing, if your hair was dry, to begin with, then it won’t hold onto the first colour. Wash in lukewarm water for the first couple of months until your brown is established using a heat-protective spray before you pull your iron and hairdryer. Our faves are Kevin Murphy shimmer shine.

We have a selection of colour save masks, we custom mix your shade of brown into them so you have an injection of colour each time you treat your hair. You will need professional products enriched with hydration and repairing proteins.

Making the change is a little maintenance in the beginning but once your brown is locked in, even and established, you’ll enjoy a whole new world of shine, fullness and silky healthy locks you just can’t beat the reflect of a fresh healthy brunette.

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